Masterpiece Living® is Key to Successful Living

Posted on June 30, 2011 in Active Aging for Llanfair Retirement Community

Description of imageOver the past year and a half, Llanfair Retirement Community has been implementing a new campus-wide program and philosophy. Masterpiece Living® is an innovative approach to successful aging and overall wellness that is embraced by both residents and staff.

Masterpiece Living® was built upon the findings from the MacArthur Foundation Study on successful Aging, which concluded that the choices we make can dramatically affect the way we age. The authors of the study revealed that people who experience physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth as they age actually do live longer, happier and healthier lives. The MacArthur study research also shows that if we believe in our ability to grow, we can experience success in our personal lives even as we face the challenges inherent in aging.

Llanfair continually adds programs to enhance those already in place. The popular Wii Bowling is a great multigenerational game and is a regular weekly activity on campus. Many residents are involved in walking and balance programs in the Clara Curry Wellness Center. The Wellness Coordinator also works with residents to develop individual workouts on the Nautilus® equipment; and Laughter Yoga, which combines laughter exercises and gentle yoga breathing, has been an instant hit! Masterpiece Living® has been a tremendous success at Llanfair, and residents and employees alike are excited about the difference they have already seen.

Llanfair residents and staff are “well” on their way to optimal wellness!

Four components of Masterpiece Living® – 1. Use it or lose it; 2. Loneliness hurts, involvement heals; 3. There are no age limits; 4. I can make a difference

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