OPRS' Honorable Service Grant Celebrates Veterans' Service

Posted on November 11, 2013 in Senior Lifestyle Options for All Communities

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Retired veterans who have faithfully served our country may be eligible to apply for the Veterans Honorable Service Grant for use at an Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS) continuing care retirement community.

Because OPRS deeply appreciates the sacrifices veterans have made to keep our country free, we celebrate and honor them with significant discounts on entrance fees or monthly fees.

The program offers:

~ A grant equal to 10 percent of the entrance fee, up to $10,000, for an existing apartment or home at any OPRS community.


~ For rental apartments or homes at an OPRS community, a grant for the reduction in the monthly fee (by $200 per month) for the first 12 months of occupancy.

To be eligible:

~ Open to all United states military veterans.

~ Must be 65 years of age or older.

~ Must have been honorably discharged.

~ Must submit a copy of his or her discharge papers (DD214).

~ Must not currently be residing in an OPRS community.

Click here for a PDF brochure and more information or call one of our 11 communities.

The program is subject to availability of apartments and/or homes. Not available for use in licensed areas, e.g., Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or rehab centers. The program may be discontinued at any time.


My son will be leaving for the Army next month, and my fahter has served 30 years in the Army as well. I got your 6 all the way. Am proud to be an American daughter and now Mom.
Comment by Habib on February 18, 2016

My son will be leaving for the Army next month, and my fahter has served 30 years in the Army as well. I got your 6 all the way. Am proud to be an American daughter and now Mom.
Comment by France on March 6, 2016

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